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Clever Electrical Outlets For Your Kitchen

Electrical Outlet usage in KitchenAt Jeremy Electrical, we love to help Kansas City homeowners update their homes. One of our favorite rooms is one of the busiest in most homes – the kitchen. The kitchen inevitably is the place guests gather, food is prepared, and good times are shared.

Because it is such a busy room, any improvements that will make it more convenient and easy to use are always welcomed. In that spirit, we’d like to share some of the best placements for electrical outlets we have seen. We hope they will inspire you to improve your kitchen or give you some great ideas to add to your remodel.


Under Cabinet Outlet Strips

Photo of Under Cabinet Outlet StripUnder Cabinet Outlets PhotoToday’s backsplashes are really works of art. Glass tile, metal accents, rich stone…sometimes you don’t want to break up that design with disruptive outlet panels. If you want to keep your backsplash clean and continuous, then the under cabinet outlet strip is for you. Instead of outlets dotted across your backsplash, the outlet strip hides the under your cabinets. They are just as accessible and convenient for plugging things in, but they are out of the visual field leaving your backsplash to bask in all of the glory.

Pop-Up Outlets

Pop Up Kitchen Outlet 2Photo of Pop Up Outlet White There when you need them…gone when you don’t. Pop-up outlets are ingenious in their functionality. You can hide several outlets under the counter and only use them when you need them. Otherwise, you have full use of your countertop for preparing a meal. These outlets come in several different styles – some horizontal and others vertical. Just choose the style you like the most.



 Hidden Island Outlets

Photo of Electrical Outlet in IslandKitchen Island Outlet PhotoThese outlets are pretty traditional in their design, it’s just where you place them that makes them clever. Extra outlets are always handy on the island, but now you don’t have to look at them cluttering up the sides of your beautiful center island. Tuck them under the edge or cover them with a simple hinged drawer front that disguises the outlet and leaves your island looking sleek and clean.

 USB Port Outlets

USB OutletUSB Port in Electrical Outlet PhotoWith all of the electronic devices we use these days, a USB outlet in the kitchen makes complete sense. Cell phones, tablets, computers and more no longer need long extension cords or clunky adapters. Just plug them into the dual outlet or add an outlet that is just USB ports. There are plenty of styles to choose from. One will be right for your family and lifestyle.

 No matter what kind of outlets you want in your home, or where you want them, call the lighting professionals at Jeremy Electrical at 913-375-0070 to make sure your outlets are installed professionally and safely.

7 Trends in Lighting to Try in 2015

At Jeremy Electrical, we like to stay on top of new trends in lighting. Lighting is a big part of the services we provide for our customers and whether it’s residential or commercial lighting, we like to know what’s new and what’s changing so we can keep our projects up to date and make our customers happy with our services. We thought we’d take a quick moment to share some of the latest trends in lighting for the year ahead just to keep you up to date too. We hope this post inspires you to update or upgrade your Kansas City home or business and if you need help installing anything electrical, including lights, give Jeremy Electrical a call.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has many advantages over traditional incandescent lights and it’s starting to show in its growing popularity. Probably the biggest advantage is how long LED bulbs last. LED bulbs have an operational life expectancy of 100,000 hours. Imagine if you used your light for eight hours a day. That bulb will last for about 20 years! Now let’s talk energy efficiency. LED bulbs are 80% – 90% efficient. Incandescent bulbs are only about 20% efficient with most of their energy lost as heat instead of light. Throw on the fact that LED lights light instantly (no annoying delay or warm-up period) and they are durable which makes them perfect for outdoor lighting, it’s no wonder they are becoming the number one choice of consumers. From kitchens and baths to outdoor to strip lighting, LED is it!

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Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lights Photo
These hot pink pendant lights add a pop of color to this kitchen.

Pendant lighting, whether in contemporary or throwback styles, is popular in kitchens right now. Pendant lights are available in so many styles, materials and colors that they can add to the ambiance of a room with little effort. Multi-light or clustered pendants are a go-to look as well. Pendant lights can also serve as an alternative to floor lamps with the added benefit of taking up no floor space.


Once considered only for elegant or opulent settings, chandeliers are making a comeback as well. And they’re turning up in the most charming spaces including bathrooms, kids rooms and even laundry rooms. Mini chandeliers add a bit of whimsy to any size space yet dramatic larger chandeliers are also finding a home in upscale environments. Look for traditional crystal chandeliers with modern twists to pop up in both residential and commercial spaces.

Let There Be Light inside Drawers & Cabinets

Interior Cabinet Lighting Photo
Lighting inside these cabinets draws the eye and infuses energy into the room.

Besides being practical, lighting your drawers and cabinets just looks cool. Added to a glass-front cabinet, curio or china cabinet, it serves as an elegant way to display your dishes and stemware. Many of these designs are wired to turn on instantly when the door or drawer is opened creating a bit of an unexpected reaction for unsuspecting visitors with this element of surprise. We think it’s absolutely brilliant.

Lighting in the Shower

Why limit creative lighting to typical areas? Homeowners have discovered that shower lights add a certain ambiance and mood enhancement to the typical boring shower enclosure. With the spa experience becoming more and more desired in bathroom remodels, shower lights are becoming more popular as well. Expect to see more creative lighting in the bathroom overall.

Wireless and Remote Control Lighting

With today’s advanced technology, many homeowners are enjoying the convenience of lights (and other electrical items) that they can control remotely through their smart phones. This includes security lights outdoor as well as indoor lamps.

Copper, Eco-Friendly, and Natural Are All in Style

Copper Lights Photo
These hanging copper lights are equally at home in rustic or elegant settings.

Warm metals, especially copper, are hot, hot, hot for 2015. From pendants to lamps to wall sconces you’ll see this touch of class popping up everywhere. But don’t forget natural materials like stone, metal, bamboo, and fabric. These back-to-nature elements will definitely be incorporated by designers this year in every room. Look for them in lighting, furniture, accessories and more.



No matter what kind of lighting you want in your home, whether you’re updating or completely remodeling, call the lighting professionals at Jeremy Electrical at 913-375-0070 to make sure your lighting is installed professionally and safely. And don’t be surprised if one of our electricians comes up with a bright idea you’ll love!

How to Read Your Electric Meter

Electric Meter photoHave you ever gotten an electric bill that you thought was incorrect? It happens on occasion. Electric meters can malfunction. They are mechanical devices with gears, sprockets, and springs that are susceptible to wear and tear just like any machine with moving parts. External accidents can also cause problems and moving parts can stop working. For instance, in one case, unbeknownst to the homeowner, the glass dome that covers the meter was broken in a hailstorm. One of the broken pieces of glass lodged in the meter and prevented it from moving. The homeowners knew something was wrong when their electric bill was extremely low compared with the previous month. In that case, one look at the electric meter and the problem was obvious.

Electric Meter Basics

But what if it isn’t that obvious? You notice a bill that is too high or too low. So what do you do? You check your meter. Next question…what the heck am I looking at? The electricians at Jeremy Electrical have put together this brief explanation of your electric meter and how to read it in case you need to investigate an unexplained electric bill. Electric power is measured in Watts. One thousand Watts make a kilowatt. If you use one thousand watts of energy in one hour, that is a kilowatt-hour or kWh. As your home draws power from the electrical power lines, the meter starts to spin. The number of revolutions is recorded by the dials on the face of the meter. The more current drawn, the faster the meter spins.

Reading the Dials on Your Electric Meter

First, make sure the meter is moving. If it is not, call your electric company because something is wrong. Many meters today are digital and the numbers are obvious and easy to read. But many homes have older models which have a set of five dials. Reading these electric meters can be a little tricky. Write down the numbers on each dial from right to left. (If the needle is directly on a number, check the dial to the right. If it has already passed 0, use the next higher number). If the dial has not passed 0, use the lower number. If the needle falls between two numbers, use the smaller of the two. Some newer electric meters use digital displays. The difference between one month’s reading and the next is the amount of energy units that have been used for that billing period.

Call the Electric Company for Questions about Your Electric Bill

You will have to compare this month’s numbers to last month’s bill to see what’s going on, but at least you’ll have some knowledge when you speak to the meter reader from the electric company. And don’t worry about your bill. Once they figure out what’s wrong, they usually estimate your bill based on averages from previous months. If you have any questions about your electric bill, it’s best to call the electric company.

If you have any questions about any other electrical items in your home, call us at Jeremy Electrical for electrical safety and convenience at 913-375-0070.