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3 Types of Patio Lighting Every Patio Needs

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Patio LightingThere is nothing like a patio to extend your living area into the great outdoors. In recent years, patios have become all the rage. From simple concrete pads to elaborate outdoor kitchens, patios are hot, hot, hot. But no matter the size, the one thing all of these patios have in common is that they need outdoor lighting. Now that the weather is cooling down, you may have noticed that you’re using your patio to enjoy cool evenings. If you are, you’ve probably realized that as soon as the sun goes down, it’s hard to navigate, challenging to see things, and a little inhospitable feeling. Usually, that’s the time you go inside. Don’t let darkness steal your relaxation time outside!

Extend Your Patio Time with Lighting

Take back your patio after dark with the simple addition of lighting. We’re not talking about the obnoxious glare of that porch light on the house. We’re talking beautiful additions that will add safety, convenience and ambiance to your patio. The team at Jeremy Electrical has put together this list of the top three kinds of lighting every patio needs – pathway lighting, string lights, and spot lights.

Pathway Lighting Makes Navigating Safer

The most important kind of lighting for safety’s sake is pathway lighting. Don’t rely on that glaring porch light whose broad beacon attracts moths and other flying pests. Install soft pathway lights that illuminate the walkways making navigating on and around the patio easy and convenient. No one wants to trip on something in the dark because they couldn’t see it.

String Lights Add Ambiance

There’s no better way to create ambiance than a few strands of string lights hanging overhead. String lights add charm and set the mood for guests to linger longer in the enchanting environment. Edison bulbs are all the rage right now because they add a little touch of nostalgia along with their glow.

Spotlights Extend the Entertainment Area

Spotlights can extend the patio into the yard. Simply adding a few spotlights on statues, fountains, trees, or bushes beyond the patio brings the perimeter of the yard into view visually expanding the entire entertainment area.   

Make Your Patio the Envy of Your Neighbors

All of these luminary additions make your patio safer, more inviting, and more enjoyable for you and your guests. For patio-perfect lighting, give the electrical experts at Jeremy Electrical a call. We can help you decide where you need light, how much light you need, and what kind of lighting will work best for your patio.

Contact us online or call us at (913) 375-0070 and we’ll be happy to help make your backyard the talk of the neighborhood.