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Electrician Services in Kansas City, MO by Jeremy Electrical

At Jeremy Electrical, we have been providing Kansas City residents superior level customer service as well as affordable prices for electrical repairs and installations since 2007. We strive to serve you with not only excellent electrical work, but friendliness, honest advice and great communication. We want to become the most trusted electrical company in the Greater Kansas City area.

Residential Electrician Services

Homeowners are our favorite customers. We really enjoy helping to make your Kansas City home exactly what you want it to be. From ceiling fan replacement to lighting repair to residential safety inspections, we can do it all. Home remodeling is one of our most common jobs. As a home lighting company, we love the reaction we get from homeowners when we help make their home more comfortable, practical, and beautiful. Whether it’s indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, we do it all. Call us for all of your residential lighting repair or installation needs including:


Call for Safety Inspection on Your Kansas City Home

If your home is 30 years old or older, chances are good that your electrical system is outdated and probably not the safest. Call Jeremy Electrical for a home safety inspection. A certified Jeremy electrician will inspect your home and let you know if your wiring is old, you electrical panel needs to be updated for safety, and your outlets in the kitchen and bathroom are GFCI to prevent shocks. Make sure your Kansas City home is safe with home safety inspection. New wiring adds value to your home and you’ll sleep easier knowing electrical and fire hazards due to outdated electrical systems are eliminated.

Commercial Electrical Services

Our electricians can handle any commercial electrical need your Kansas City business may need. From simple electrical repairs to electrical safety inspections to upgrades and installations, we can help keep your business running smoothly. We can even work our hours around your business hours so productivity isn’t negatively affected. If you’re remodeling your office space, your business is growing, or you move into a new building, Jeremy Electrical can help you make your office space ideal. Our expert commercial electricians will help you troubleshoot existing problems and also create plans for growth or upgrades in the future. If you’ve got an emergency, Jeremy Electrical has trustworthy service so that your business won’t have to be out of commission for very long. Just give us a phone call and let us help you manage your success.


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