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Your home is clearly an important part of your life. After all, this is where you spend so much of your free time. That’s why, when it comes to a residential lighting company, or a local electrician in Olathe, KS, you want the best. Jeremy Electrical excels at residential electric. From residential lighting repair to ceiling fan replacement to residential safety inspections, we’ve got your Olathe home covered. We can install any kind of indoor lighting or outdoor lighting you need.

Home Remodeling Electrical Experts For Johnson County, Kansas

Besides residential lighting repair, we also have plenty of experience when it comes to home remodeling. Call Jeremy Electrical for all of your home remodeling and electrical needs. Our electricians have the experience with residential home remodels to not only do it right, but to offer suggestions for improvements you may not have even thought of. Maybe you added a patio and thought about outdoor lights, but not about adding an extra outlet outdoors. Perhaps you remodeled your Olathe home’s kitchen and didn’t know you could add a hidden outlet to a drawer for neat and convenient charging of electronics like phones, tablets, etc. Perhaps you’d like an outlet inside your medicine cabinet or in the middle of the floor instead of just on the walls. Our Olathe electricians can make your home more convenient and practical with their years of home remodeling experience.

Call Us for a Home Safety Inspection By A Residential Olathe Electrician

electrician in olathe ksMany of the older homes in Olathe have old wiring running through their walls. Some homeowners fear that all of the wiring needs to be replaced, but actually, we can install Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) designed to help prevent house fires. They detect arcs of electricity between wires and disconnect power before a fire starts. So if your old wiring causes arcs, it won’t turn into a fire. Another common problem we see is breaker boxes, sometimes called electrical panels, that are out of date. These can be dangerous as well. Jeremy Electrical offers home safety inspections that can identify potential problems and prevent them from occurring. Call us for an electrical home safety inspection

Count on our team of residential electricians in Olathe, Kansas to be your go-to home lighting company. We’ll take care of all of your electrical needs from residential lighting repair to safety inspections to ceiling fan replacement to indoor lighting and outdoor lighting. And call us for home remodeling help as well. Call (913) 375-0070.

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