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Top-Rated Electrical Contractors in Kansas City

Electrical Contractors by Jeremy ElectricalAs local Kansas City electrical contractors, homeowners are our favorite customers.

We really enjoy helping to make your Kansas City home exactly what you want it to be. From ceiling fan replacement to lighting repair to safety inspections, we can do it all. Home remodeling is one of our most common jobs. As a home lighting & electrical contracting company, we love the reaction we get from KC homeowners when we help make their home more comfortable, practical, and beautiful. Whether it’s indoor lighting or outdoor lighting, we do it all. Call us for all of your home lighting repair or electrical installation needs including:

Call Our KC Electrical Contractors for an Inspection On Your Home

If your home is 30 years old or older, chances are good that your electrical system is outdated and probably not the safest. Call Jeremy Electrical for a home safety inspection. A certified Jeremy electrician will inspect your home and let you know if your wiring is old, your electrical panel needs to be updated for safety, and your outlets in the kitchen and bathroom are GFCI to prevent shocks. Make sure your Kansas City home is safe with a home safety inspection. New wiring adds value to your home and you’ll sleep easier knowing electrical and fire hazards due to outdated electrical systems are eliminated.

Local Kansas City Commercial & Residential Electricians

electrical panel serviceOur Kansas City commercial electricians can handle any commercial electrical need your business may need. From simple electrical repairs to electrical safety inspections to upgrades and installations, we can help keep your business running smoothly. We can even work our hours around your business hours so productivity isn’t negatively affected.

If you’re remodeling your office space, your business is growing, or you move into a new building, Jeremy can help you make your office space ideal. Our expert commercial electricians will help you troubleshoot existing problems and also create plans for growth or upgrades in the future. If you’ve got an emergency, Jeremy has trustworthy service so that your business won’t have to be out of commission for very long.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I DIY My Home’s or Business’s Electrical Repairs?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to immediately spot an electrical issue since electricity is something used dozens of times per day. Any good “handyman” or “handywoman” may tell you that they should be able to fix it themselves without a problem. However, handymen are generally not qualified to handle electrical work. Licensed Electricians have to undergo years of extensive training and certification processes to obtain his or her license. Sure, a license may seem just like a piece of paper, but that paper is something that can save your life, so use a licensed electrical contractor.

Is My Home’s Wiring Up-To-Date?

The majority of homeowners and home inspectors cannot always easily identify the age of wiring. It often takes a trained and licensed electrician to properly do this. In general, if your home was built between 1920 and 1960, the wiring that was used can have a tendency to dry rot and cause problems. If your home falls in the age range, and you have not had an inspection in the last few years, we recommend you schedule an inspection to determine if your home’s wiring is up-to-date and in good shape.

Am I Responsible For My Home’s Service Cable and Meter Box Outside?

Yes, you are definitely responsible for the meter box and the connection to your property from the electric company’s equipment. If you suspect that either might be damaged, we recommend contacting a licensed electrical contractor to perform an inspection.

Why Do My Electrical Fuses Blow or My Home’s Breakers Trip?

Usually, this is because you have overloaded the circuit with things like; air conditioners, TVs, microwaves, fans, toasters, heaters, etc. It does not always matter how big your service is, these issues usually have to do with a branch circuit, which is from the breaker box to the problem device.

Why Do My Lamps Burn Out Early?

There are often several possible reasons, it could be the quality of the lamps you are using or the house could be at the high-end voltage of the electric service on your street. Also, make sure you are using the correct light bulbs recommended for your lamp type.

Why Does My House Have Blinking Lights Sometimes?

You may need more branch circuits throughout the house, or you may have loose connections in the breaker box, meter box or throughout the house. This could cause a potential fire and is definitely worthy of calling a licensed electrician to schedule an inspection.

Why Is My Light Switch Hot or Very Warm To Touch?

If you reach for your light switch to turn it off, only to find that it is hot to the touch, you definitely have a problem. This is not normal, and it often indicates that there are serious issues hiding in the electrical wiring or electrical setup behind your walls. Call an electrician to inspect this thoroughly or you could end up facing a home electrical fire in the future.

What Are GFCI devices?

GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) devices are required in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, and outside. These are life-saving devices against electrical shock. GFCIs are residual-current devices, or residual-current circuit breakers, that quickly break an electrical circuit to prevent serious harm from an ongoing electric shock.

What Are Arc Fault Breakers And Why Do I Need Them?

Arc fault breakers monitor the current and discriminate between normal and unwanted arcing conditions. Arc fault breakers are primarily designed to protect against electrical fires caused by arcing. Several years ago, the electrical code was updated and requires us to install arc fault breakers in the house wherever there are new lines being installed, except for where GFCI devices are required (kitchens and bathrooms). Arc fault breakers are generally regarding as a beneficial technology and help the electrical safety of your home or business.

What Should I Have Available For A Power Outage?

Regarding being prepared for a power outage, it is recommended that you keep handy flashlights, utility service phone numbers, and (of course) your cell phone. You may also consider a small portable generator, considering your electrical needs and where your home or business is located.

What Are Some Tell-Tale Signs That I Might Need To Call For Electrical Repair Work?

Generally speaking, regular electrical inspections and routine maintenance can help to reduce the need for major electrical work on your home. However,  as with anything in home maintenance, unexpected problems can arise, in which case you can contact the electrical contractors in Kansas City at Jeremy Electrical for electrical repair work. If you are experiencing any of the following, give us a call:

  • Power surges and regular tripping of circuit breakers
  • Constantly flickering lights inside or outside your home
  • Poor or declining lighting quality
  • Abnormally high energy costs
  • You need the installation, electrical repair, or maintenance of equipment or appliances
  • Major home or property remodeling involving electrical work



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