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Somewhere in the Night…Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Electrical Tips

We’ve all made the midnight trip to the bathroom. The house is dark and we don’t want to wake everyone by flipping on the bright light in the bathroom. The electricians at Jeremy Electrical have found three clever ways to light your bathroom at night without waking the whole house. Check out these illuminating ideas.

Add Some Color to the Commode

Toilet Nightlight PhotoThis lighted hinge toilet seat offers a soft alternative to glaring overhead lighting.  The new Nightlight seat features a lighted hinge, illuminating the toilet space just enough to allow you to see where you need to “go” without assaulting your weary eyes and waking you up completely. This is perfect for families with young children who may require a late-night visit to avoid a wet bed. It’s actually very soothing to the eyes.

Light the Floor with Under-Cabinet Rope Lighting

Under Cabinet Rope Lighting PhotoIt’s the perfect place for late night lighting in the bathroom. Because it’s low, it doesn’t assault your sleepy eyes. It’s just enough light to illuminate your path without blinding you (or waking you up too much). You can even make it a soothing color to add to the dreaminess. Rope light is popular and available at lighting stores as well as home improvement stores. It’s an easy DIY project that won’t take much time either.

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The Outlet Nightlight

Outlet Nightlight PhotoThese nightlights are easy to install and provide just enough light to navigate or wash your hands after using the potty. Add them to any standard outlet, without having to do any wiring or buy any more batteries. They include a built-in light sensor that automatically turns the lights on when it’s dark, and off when it’s light. To install one, just turn off the power to the outlet, remove the outlet cover, slide the Guide Light over the outlet, and then replace the existing screw to attach it to the outlet. They use about a nickel’s worth of power over the course of a year and the LED bulbs inside are estimated to last about 25 years. They are made by SnapPower and can be ordered at snappower.com. 

For Those Non-DIY Projects, Call Kansas City’s Favorite Electricians

These lighting projects are all DIY, but if you need help with a larger project, give the expert electricians at Jeremy Electrical a call. We can install everything from ceiling fans to a new electrical panel. Call 913-375-0070.