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Prepping Your Patio for Spring – From Plugs to Plants

Electrical Tips

Prepare Your Patio for Spring PicYay! Spring is finally here. Get ready to spend time outside on the patio.

…Oh no, the patio. You haven’t really touched it since late last fall.

Don’t worry. Jeremy Services has whipped up a patio to-do list that will have yours looking like Martha Stewart moved in. And we didn’t forget the electrical details to help make entertaining easier and more convenient, not to mention safe. So let’s go!

Spring Cleaning

First things first, the patio must be cleaned. Sweep it, then spray it off with a hose to remove grass, twigs, leaves, and dirt.

Next, inspect the patio furniture for damage or wear and clean it up. Soapy water usually does the trick. Spray everything down with a hose and let it all dry in the sun. Check the cushions to make sure they’re clean, too.

Paint and Stain

Paint any furniture that is showing signs of fading, rusting, etc. It will look like a new set in no time. Also, paint or stain any pots, wrought iron plant hangers, trellises, arbors, etc.

Electrical Safety Check

  • Be sure all of your outdoor outlets have covers. Covers keep rain, dew, and dirt out of the outlet.
  • Never use extension cords on a permanent basis. They are not designed to be a long-term solution. Instead, add outlets where you need them.
  • Make sure all plugs are GFCI protected. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets were created to prevent electrical shock in wet locations like outdoors or near a sink. Your home’s outdoor outlets are required by code to be GFCI outlets.

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Add Some Lights

Lighting will make a huge difference on your patio. Need some tips, download our Guide to Installing Landscape Lighting at the end of this article. There are several types of lighting that are perfect for patios:

  • Cafe-style lighting – Hang string lights with clear round globes. It’s both trendy and affordable, plus it creates a timeless and magical feel. Add them to the perimeter of your yard or string them diagonally above your patio.
  • Candles – Candles are ideal for your tabletop or small end tables. You can use real candles, but battery operated candles are more convenient for outdoor spaces, as they don’t blow out in the wind.
  • Umbrella lights – Don’t forget to add lights to your patio umbrella for a festive feel. Use plastic wire ties (available in a multitude of colors at any home improvement store) to secure the wire to the umbrella.
  • Trees – You can even string lights from your trees or wrap the trunks in lights to extend the mood out into the yard.

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If you love entertaining on the patio, accessorize the space for comfort and fun. Don’t be afraid to hang artwork on an exterior wall. Water-resistant décor that is made to be used outdoors can be found all over in stores. Accessories are what make your patio look like something out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine (like the patio in the picture above).

Add Color with Planters, Plants, and Fabrics

Some people ask, “Where do I start?” It’s easy. Just pick colors that you like and repeat that same palette three times – pillows, outdoor rugs, planters, cushions, outdoor wall decor, umbrellas, etc. can all add a splash of color. Even outdoor curtains add a hint of privacy and whisper “resort” when they blow in the breeze.

Beyond the Patio

Don’t forget the rest of the yard! Put fresh mulch in your flower beds and landscaped areas. If your yard is small, just place some cute planters around the area. Bird feeders and bird baths add charm as well. Water features like small fountains or ponds really enhance your backyard.

Enjoy your patio this summer, and be sure to call Jeremy Services at (913) 375-0070 for any electrical upgrades or even an electrical safety check.