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How Do I Know if My Electrical Panel Is Out of Date?

Electrical Tips

Is My Electrical Panel Out of DateWhen was the last time you checked your electrical service panel, otherwise known as a breaker box? Most homeowners only check them when they have an electrical problem like a light stops working, an appliance won’t function, or a breaker blows. Old panels can cause fires if overloaded. If fuses blow or circuit breakers trip frequently, it may be an indication that your home’s circuits are overloaded.

Even though your electrical panel may be functioning properly, your breaker box may still be out of date. Electrical service panels should be replaced every 20 to 30 years. If you’ve been in your home that long, or if you moved into an existing home, your panel may be outdated. If you notice burn marks, hear buzzing or crackling, or smell burning plastic around or inside the electrical panel, have a qualified electrician check the panel immediately. We replace old panels to rid your home of this danger. For more information about electrical panels, check out our Electrical Panel Safety Checklist.

We Perform Breaker Box Safety Inspections

Today’s homes use a lot more electricity than homes even just 20 years ago used. Most Kansas City homeowners don’t know that older electrical panels can become outdated, overloaded and even dangerous. At Jeremy Electrical, we can help. Besides service panel repairs, we can upgrade your distribution panels. Capacity upgrades are necessary if you’re adding new equipment to your home or business that will use more electricity. We can also perform fuse box to circuit breaker upgrades if you have an outdated panel. If you haven’t had your electrical panel inspected in a while, give the electricians at Jeremy Electrical a call and we can inspect it for safety.

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Breaker Box Upgrades Help Your Home Meet Today’s Electrical Demands

Think about all of the electric and electronic devices you use in your home every day. Most homes have several televisions, at least one entertainment system, video game systems, security systems, one to two refrigerators, sometimes even two separate heating and cooling systems. All of these need electricity to run. Your home’s breaker box may not be properly equipped to handle all of that. Here are some signs that you may need an electrical panel or breaker box upgrade:

  • Your breakers trip often
  • You have old 60 amp service
  • You unplug one appliance so you can plug in another
  • Your breaker box is a mass of wires
  • You are planning to remodel

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: There are several electrical panel brands that are known to cause problems. If you have any of these brands, call us for a replacement right away – Federal Pacific, Zinsco, Pushmatic, or Sylvania.

Call Jeremy Services for an Electrical Panel Safety Check Or UpgradeCall us today at 913-375-0070. Our Electrical Contractors check for other electrical problems or hazards. It’s better to be safe than sorry.