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Bring on the Night with Beautiful Patio Lighting

Electrical Tips

Outdoor living has made a huge resurgence in the last decade or so. Outdoor kitchens,  outdoor fireplaces, stone patios with water features, three season rooms, stamped concrete designs, etc. With all of this outdoor living, comes a need for lighting at night. If you’re looking to add some light to your outdoor patio, pool, deck or any living area, call Jeremy Electrical. The electricians at Jeremy Electrical are pros when it comes to adding outdoor lighting to patios both new and old. Let us create a nighttime oasis in your backyard.

Bright Ideas to Light Up the Night

Here are just a few ideas for inspiration that you can incorporate into your patio, deck or pool area. Some are DIY, but others may require a professional electrician like Jeremy Electrical. Either way, you’ll be excited to add a little light to your backyard after you see these ideas.

String Along with Me

String lights add just the right touch of twinkle throughout your outdoor area. No glaring bright lights shining in your face, just a little glow. Whether you hang them taut, loose, straight or at an angle, the effect is the same magical.

Outdoor Patio String Lights Picture

Backyard Patio String Lights Picture

Deck String Lights Picture

Patio String Lights Taut Picture

Chandeliers Add a Touch of Class

If you have a covered area, consider adding a chandelier. Chandeliers are not just for indoor rooms anymore! Add a touch of class to any outdoor room with a chandelier, or two, or three! Even a whole collection adds a bohemian vibe.

Chandeliers on Porch Picture

Stone Patio Chandeliers Photo

Chandeliers Under Deck Picture

Built-In Lights Create a Soft Way to See Steps and Add Safety

Sometimes these lights are actually built in while the patio or deck is being built, but most can be added after the project is done. You can choose wired lighting or solar lighting. Either will do the job and add the ambiance you want.

Built-in Lights on Raised Deck Picture Built-in Lights 2 Built-in Lights 3 Built-in Lights 4

Swing for the Fences

If your backyard is enclosed by a fence, or your patio is surrounded by a wall, that’s a great place to add lighting. Lighting expands the perimeter of your yard at night and adds a feeling of coziness. It can be as simple as hanging a few lanterns on the fence.

Deck with Built-In Lights Picture Fence 3 Fence:Wall 5





Lights Strung on Fence Picture

Don’t Forget the Trees

If you are lucky enough to have trees in your backyard, include them in your lighting plan. Trees wrapped in lights or draped in lights create a mystical, woodland feel when the sun goes down. Blur the line between indoor and outdoor living by incorporating these green giants into your outdoor landscape at night.

Fire Pit in Lighted Garden Picture

Tree with String Lights and Pendants Picture



Lighted Tree Canopy Picture





Lighted Tree Trunks Picture






We hope we’ve inspired you to add some lighting to your outdoor deck, patio, pool area or just your backyard. If you need professional electrical help, don’t hesitate to call the backyard outdoor lighting experts at Jeremy Electrical at (913) 375-0070.