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Let an Electrician Update Your Kitchen with These 3 Easy Steps

Electrical Tips

Think updating your kitchen requires replacing the countertops and cabinets? You can update your kitchen on the cheap with some simple upgrades from the electricians at Jeremy Electrical. The secret is getting the little things that make a big impact. Here are three areas our electricians can improve that will make your kitchen seem fresh and updated without spending a fortune.

Add New Lighting

Pendant Lights Photo

Lighting is one of the biggest areas that can make a difference. The type of lighting you choose not only serves a practical purpose, but an aesthetic one as well. Lighting can vary from traditional to modern to chic. Don’t be afraid to choose a bolder look to breathe some fresh life into your kitchen. Pendant lights are a fun way to personality and color to your kitchen. They are easy to install on a track above your island or a countertop.

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Install Pop-Up Outlets

kitchen outlet installation ideasIt seems older kitchens never have enough outlets for our modern needs. A quick and easy way to add an outlet is with pop-up outlets. These electrical outlets are built in to your countertop and pop up when you need them. Our electricians get great reactions from homeowners when they see how fun and convenient these outlets are. Pop-up outlets are there when you need them and out of sight when you don’t. They provide more outlets in a small space so your backsplash is not covered with unsightly outlets. Your friends will love them!

Replace Regular Electrical Outlets with USB Outlets

USB Outlet PhotoIt’s always a challenge to find a place to plug in your computer or charge your cell phone in the kitchen. Let our electricians change your old outlets into modern USB ports. It’s easy, convenient, and inexpensive. It’ll bring your kitchen into the 21st century.



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