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Why Is an Oversized Air Conditioner Bad?

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Oversized Calculator Photo Logically, it sounds like an oversized air conditioner would be a good thing. It would have extra power to keep your home cooler without having to work too hard. If you didn’t know much about air conditioners, that logic would seem to make sense. But in reality, installing an air conditioner that is too big for a home can lead to many problems. We’ve done the calculations and the team at Jeremy Services wants you to know the pitfalls to avoid when it comes to AC installation in the Kansas City area.

Oversized ACs Experience Too Much Wear and Tear

When an air conditioner is oversized, it starts up and shuts down a lot more because it runs for only a short time to meet the temperature requested by the thermostat. Then a few minutes later, it comes on again and only runs for a short time. Over the course of a day, an oversized air conditioner can have a lot more startups and shutdowns than a properly sized air conditioner. The thing that wears equipment out is starting up and shutting down. The more it happens, the shorter the life of the equipment.

If Your Air Conditioner Doesn’t Run Long Enough, It Can’t Remove Humidity

Properly sized air conditioners run in longer cycles. While your air conditioner is cooling the air, it is also removing humidity. Your ACs evaporator coil condenses water vapor from the air, much like condensation appears on the outside of a glass of cold water. The liquid is condensed out of the air. The moisture goes to a drain and then it is sent outside. Removing this moisture makes your home feel less humid. Oversized air conditioners don’t run long enough to remove enough humidity. Your home ends up feeling sticky and stuffy. Plus, the constant on-off cycle will defeat the purpose of its energy efficient design and drive up your electric bill.

An AC That Is Too Small Is Also Bad

While an oversized unit is bad, an undersized AC has its problems too. If your AC is too small, it may not be powerful enough to keep your house at a comfortable temperature during the extreme summer and winter months. They will run constantly and again run up your electric bill.

Professional Installation Is Critical for a Long Lasting System

Make sure you have your air conditioner installed by professional technicians with lots of education and experience from a reputable company. At Jeremy Services, our technicians will size your air conditioner appropriately to give you the ideal amount of cooling while still removing humidity and keeping your energy bills low.

If you have questions about installing an air conditioner in your Kansas City home, call Jeremy Services at (913) 375-0070.