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Kitchen Lighting Ideas to Whet Your Appetite for Design

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When you are watching HGTV, do you find yourself drooling over the beautiful kitchens the homeowners have? Sometimes these stunning kitchens can seem too good to be true…but they aren’t! By upgrading your kitchen lighting, you can have the space of your dreams. The team at Jeremy Electrical can help you turn your “traditional” and boring space into the envy of all your friends and family with these kitchen lighting ideas and trends that will surely whet your appetite for design.

Highlight Your Kitchen’s Features with Showcase Lighting

Kitchen Showcase Lighting

Kitchen lighting is not only becoming more beautiful and elegant, but also more functional. Showcase lighting focuses on highlighting interesting and unique design pieces in your home. A popular showcase lighting trend is light fixtures installed inside glass-front cabinets to display unique items. Other ideas include above-cabinet lighting to highlight clean lines and open layout, and below cabinet lighting to showcase exquisite countertops.



Dress to Impress with Statement Lighting Pieces

Showcase Lighting Kitchen Pieces

Chandeliers have been making statements in kitchens for decades. While they are still known to add elegance to a room, they are no longer the only way to add character to your kitchen. Oversized fixtures make for great conversation pieces, and natural accents combined with sophisticated materials add a touch of rustic chic to a home.



Add Character to Your Kitchen with Interesting ShapesUnique Kitchen Decor

Uniquely shaped light fixtures add style to any space. Drum pendants can be used in both traditional and modern settings and wall sconces enhance the elegance in antique designs. Circular shapes are also becoming more popular with orbs being used for both pendants and chandeliers.



Get a Distinctive Vibe with Zone Lighting

Kitchen Zone Lighting

Using a variety of lighting fixtures to differentiate your space is an easy way to add a designer touch to your home. Recessed lighting can give ambient light throughout the room, while pendants over the island create a stylish workspace. A chandelier over the table makes dinner guests feel welcome and appreciated.




Save Energy and Find Style with LED TechnologyLED Kitchen Lighting

LED Technology is a newer trend that provides many options for style and design. Not only do these lights use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs, but they enable designers to imagine fixtures that were previously inconceivable such as ultrathin chandeliers and flush-mount sconces.



Whether you are looking to update your kitchen lights for style, functionality, or both; we can help. Give the professionals at Jeremy Electrical a call at (913) 375-0070 or contact us online.