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Electrical Safety Tips All Homes Should Follow

Electrical Tips

dos-donts-electricalElectricity is not only incredibly useful, it’s potentially life saving. And of course, if not used properly, it’s potentially life ending. While fewer than 200 people die as a result of accidental electrocution in the United States each year, according to statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 400 Americans are seriously injured in accidents involving electricity. On a global level, as many as a staggering 350,000 individuals annually have unfortunate and unintended accidents with electricity.
Why do accidents like this seem to happen so frequently? As professional electricians know, working with electricity is never something to take casually. Even a “minor” electrical accident can result in serious and painful burns. Below are some electrical safety “dos” that all households should always follow.
1. Never Plug Multiple Items into a Single Outlet

Doing so can overload the outlet and lead to fire.
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2. Never Unplug a Product from an Outlet by Yanking on the Cord

Doing so can damage the product, cord wiring, and the outlet itself, creating a potential for shock and fire damage.
3. Electrical Cords Should Safely Be Removed from the Path of “Traffic” of All Types

They should never be run under mats or carpeting. Even insulated cords should never be stood or stepped on due to potential shock and fire threat.
4. Do Not Place Electrical Cords Where Pets May Come into Contact with Them

A surprising number of animals will chew on these cords for reasons best known to themselves. Not only might Rover or Fluffy be injured as a result of this gnawing, it also sets the stage for a house fire or for unsuspecting humans to be shocked.
5. Always Place Safety Caps on Unused Outlets

Doing so also cuts down on energy wasting drafts!
6. Never Pry Anything from an Electrical Outlet

“Jammed” outlets should always be repaired by a professional electrician.
7. Never Bring Ladders into Contact with Exterior Overhead Power Lines or Use Them to Hang Decorations Such as Balloons, Etc.

Nine percent of all electrical fatalities in the U.S. occur as a result of contact with overhead power lines.
8. Always Consult with Professional Electricians if You Have Questions or Problems with Household Electrical Use

There are no “dumb questions” when it comes to utilizing electricity, and the services and advice of trained, licensed, experienced electricians often guarantees the safe and successful use of electricity at home instead of someone becoming a statistic.
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Electricity is not something to be afraid of, but it is something to take caution with. For those electrical issues that may be unsafe to homeowners, give Jeremy Services a call at (913) 375-0070, or fill out our online form.