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9 Tips for Sleeping Cool at Night When the AC Is Off

Heating & Cooling Tips

Woman Sleeping PicWe all try to save a little money when we can on our energy bills and when the cooler temperatures of fall hit, lots of people like to turn off the air conditioning and save some money enjoying the cool nights. If you’re one of those people who are lucky enough not to suffer from allergies and can open your house up to Mother Nature’s temperatures, here are a few tips for staying cool when the AC is turned off. If you just want to save some money by turning the thermostat up at night, shoot for 78 degrees to save on your cooling bills. Setting your temperature even five degrees lower can make your air conditioner use up to 40% more energy! So keep it warmer, but use these tips:

Keep Your House Cooler

The cooler you keep your house during the hours before you go to bed, the cooler it will feel and stay all night. Try not to use the oven, turn off lights that aren’t being used and use your exhaust fans to remove heat and moisture if you shower or cook on the stove.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

If you have a ceiling fan in your bedroom, make sure the blades are pointed downward so the air hits your skin. You can create a wind chill effect because moving air helps the moisture on your skin evaporate faster, making you feel cooler.

Use Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets allow the air to move and increase circulation. They will keep you cooler than any other fabric.

Use Additional Fans

Set up a small oscillating fan in your bedroom so it blows air on you all night. This will help with the wind chill factor mentioned above and make your skin feel cooler.

Change Your Sleep Style

If you sleep with a partner, don’t snuggle. Instead, sleep as far apart as possible to keep from sharing each other’s body heat. If you sleep alone, try the starfish pose which keeps your limbs as far away from your core as possible exposing more skin and reducing perspiration.

Be Picky About Your PJs

If you wear pajamas, wear light fabric. If you can sleep without pajamas, do.

Take a Cool Shower

Taking a cool shower right before you go to bed will lower your body temperature making you more comfortable. This should help you fall asleep faster.

Eat Smaller Meals

Don’t stuff yourself. Smaller meals are easier to metabolize which will help your body stay cooler than a large filling meal. Eating the right food throughout the day will also help your sleep.

Make a Cool Buddy

Take a bag of beans or rice (the kind you can heat in the microwave to relax muscles) and put it in the refrigerator instead. It will keep you cool for 30 minutes to an hour and will help you fall asleep faster.

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At Jeremy Services, we want you to stay cool and comfortable and we also want you to save money. We can install programmable thermostats that will save you money year-round. If your heating and cooling bills are high, it may be time to consider installing a new, high-efficiency furnace and AC that will use less energy to keep your home comfortable.


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