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3 Reasons to Replace That Old Electrical Panel

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There is one project related to updating an electrical system that is often overlooked. When was the last time you gave any attention to your electrical panel? Here are three key reasons for having it checked, and replacing it if needed, now:

1. Adding Circuits Reduces the Risk of Fire

old electrical panelAs a household, or business, grows and marches into the next modern era, power demands are likely to increase. Adding appliances and electronic items like televisions, gaming systems and computers, can be game-changers for an electrical system. Your current power capacity may not be able to safely meet the demand placed on the electrical system. Aging systems are one of the key components in evaluations by insurers. Older buildings are the subject of more claims. Updating an entire electrical system, including replacement of the electrical panel, is a wise investment.

2. Updating Obsolete Electrical Panels for Safety

Remodeling a home or office might result in some elements of an older electrical system becoming obsolete. Not only do new appliances and electronics use more energy, newer product designs have safety features that older panels lack. So, out with the old and in with the new!

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3. Damaged & Dangerous Electrical Panels

If tripping breakers are a common occurrence, there may be damaged components in your electrical system. Rust and corrosion is a common reason for damage to an electrical panel. Updating older systems for the sake of safety should include replacing the electrical panel.

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An electrical panel that’s been hanging around for a quarter of a century has probably seen better days. Modernize your breaker box with a fresh, new electrical panel. Instead of waiting for sparks to fly, do it now! Sooner is always better than later when it comes to keeping an electrical system in tiptop condition. If you see any of the brands listed in the coupon below, have your panel replaced immediately.

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