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3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a New Furnace

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Thanks to the multitude of technological innovations, upgrading to a new furnace can be a whole new experience filled with new furnace lingo (yes, there is such a thing as furnace lingo hence the big words). These new terms are one of the reasons many homeowners hesitate to replace their old furnace.

Take these 3 factors into consideration when you’re ready to replace your old furnace:


HVAC load, also known as load capacity, refers to the total amount of energy required to keep your home at an optimum temperature. Not all furnace systems have the same HVAC load. This number is determined by the furnace’s size, the age of your home, the type of insulation used in your home, and the total length of the ducts used to move air to all the rooms. Many homes contain incorrectly sized furnaces due to the fact that an accurate HVAC load calculation was never made. If you’re unsure about your HVAC Load click here for a free estimate.

Fuel Type

Gas, oil, and electric are the three main sources for furnaces. The type of fuel your furnace uses has a lot to do with your overall energy costs. Unfortunately, fluctuating fuel prices make it difficult to know which type of furnace is best. That said, furnaces that operate using gas tend to have the lowest energy costs. This happens because the popularity of gas furnaces means there is much greater market competition among energy providers–a fact that results in lower, and less variable, prices.

Furnace Efficiency

Those who already own a gas furnace may still have a lot to gain from upgrading to a newer model. This has to do with technological innovations that have taken place in recent years. The condensing furnaces available today offer much greater fuel efficiency than older models. With a newer furnace, the goal is to lower your monthly heating bills while recouping your investment.

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