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3 Electrical Upgrades to Make to Your Home

Electrical Tips

alternative-energyMake some updates to your home before the holidays sneak up on you. While bigger projects might take too long to complete before the Christmas parties begin, smaller projects that a licensed electrician can take care of can have a big impact on the look and feel of your home. Here are just a few ways the electricians at Jeremy Electrical can help you update your home this season.

Update Your Kitchen Lighting

Updates to your kitchen are always a good idea before the holidays because the kitchen is the heart of your home. Brighten up your kitchen, and make it seem more inviting by adding soft lighting under your cabinets or inside your glass cabinets to show off your festive dishware. Or add more modern lighting fixtures above your kitchen island or sink. This is a great way to revive a dated kitchen.

Add AFCI & Service Panel Upgrades

Now is a great time to ask your electrician to add AFCI’s in your home and to check for a service panel upgrade. If you like to decorate your home for the holidays with lights and other decorations that require electricity, you’re going to be using a lot of juice.

This could increase your chances of a house fire or a power outage in your home. Installing AFCI’s will help prevent fire hazards before they can start, shutting off electricity to the outlet if it senses an imbalance. Also, make sure your service panel can handle all of the extra electronics. Your electrician can make sure that your home’s electrical load hasn’t exceeded the capacity of your breaker, which is crucial to preventing power outages.

Switch to LED Lights or Solar PV Panels

Switching to LED lights or Solar Photovoltaic Panels before the holidays is a great way to keep your energy bills down. While you can buy LED lights and switch them out yourself, or buy LED holiday lights to decorate with, some lighting systems in your home will require help from an electrician. Lighting systems with a dimmer don’t tolerate LED lights well, and wear them out much sooner. Call one of our electricians  to install an LED-friendly dimming system for you.

Another option to go green and save some green this holiday season is to have a professional electrician from Jeremy Electrical install Solar PV Panels on your home. Solar panels harness the power of the sun instead of using fossil fuels to create energy for your home.

Call us today at (913) 375-0070 to make these electrical updates to your home before the holidays.