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Edison Bulbs: The Brightest Lighting Trend This Fall

Electrical Tips

edison bulbs lighting trend jeremy electricalFall is all about sweater weather and cozy lighting and Edison bulbs are the perfect way to give your home all the fall feels. These bulbs have been making a comeback in recent years for their rustic, exposed look and design versatility. Edison bulbs, also known as filament bulbs, come in many different shapes and sizes, and since their big comeback can be purchased in almost any hardware store across the country.

The electrical experts at Jeremy are breaking down this bright idea and showing you how Edison bulbs can be used in your home, as well as some facts you need to know before buying them.

Indoor Edison Bulbs For Any Room

edison bulbs front hallway jeremy electricalNeed a little charm inside your home? Look no further than Edison bulbs. There are so many beautiful options for fixtures that feature Edison light bulbs. They make for great accent lighting in small bathrooms, as well as bold focal points in dining rooms and kitchens. Before you choose your ideal lighting for your home, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Have a lighting goal in mind. Look around your home and decide what needs accenting or detail and choose your lights accordingly. The right lights can transform an entire room!
  • Don’t be afraid to get funky! Choose lighting that will pop. This will give your room a brand new look without a total redesign. Not looking to replace your entire fixture? Try adding Edison bulbs to your existing fixture for a rustic touch.
  • Dimmers are your friends. Talk to your professional electrician about adding a dimmer. This way, you can change the mood of any room with the touch of a button.

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Outdoor Lighting You’ll Swoon Over

outdoor patio edison bulbs lighting jeremyFall nights are still primetime to use that outdoor patio space. Think firepits, warm lighting, and hot apple cider. Edison bulbs have been making an appearance and lighting up the night sky in backyards all over Kansas City. Hang them from the trees, or try them hanging above your seating area for an unforgettable ambiance and fall glow. Here are a few things to remember while deciding on which outdoor bulbs to buy:

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Other Tips to Consider

edison-bulb-sconse-indoor-lighting-jeremy-electricalWhile this lighting trend is a great addition, there are a few things to consider before adding them to your home.

Edison bulbs are an incandescent light, which means they are known for being less efficient than other lighting options, but for those who’d like a more environmentally friendly and efficient option, consider the choosing LED Edison bulbs for your home.

Another great alternative is the Plumen bulb. This beautiful lighting option still features the exposed lighting coils and rustic ambiance that the Edison bulb does, but is more up-to-date with energy efficiency.

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