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Creative Lighting Ideas to Make Your Backyard a Nighttime Paradise

Electrical Tips

Adding dramatic lighting to your backyard creates a relaxing, elegant location to spend evenings outdoors. With a wide range of options from which to choose, installing simple decorative lighting or full landscape lighting makes your backyard a wonderful place to spend time on summer evenings.

Little Lighting Touches Make a Big Difference

Patio Umbrella Lighting PictureOne simple but dynamic option is to add string lights or patio table umbrella lighting to your garden or deck. These simple lights are easy to install when you have outdoor electrical outlets close at hand. Strings of lights specifically designed to illuminate the underside of an umbrella cast a soft glow on your patio table.

String lights added to deck rails, strung between trees or looped along the top of a fence add instant charm. Wrapping trees in string lights adds a little magic beyond the patio as well.

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Walkway Lighting Is Important for Safety

Walkway Lighting PictureThe last thing you want is someone getting hurt at a get-together. Path lighting is critical if you plan to invite guests to spend evenings in your backyard. Illuminating the walkways will ensure that each guest gains solid footing when moving through your backyard. Step and patio lights put an accent on safety while also providing a beautiful look to your nighttime garden space. Colored lights can add a unique effect, and you can even coordinate the colors to celebrate the holidays and seasons.

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Set the Mood with Accent Lighting

Pool Lights PictureCircling your pond or pool with lights will contribute to backyard safety while adding sparkle and a beautiful glow to the water. Accent lighting for statues and water features provides a dramatic look in the evening garden. Install underground floodlights for a professional display that accents the focal points in your backyard.


Some of the simple lights you can add yourself, but for more involved landscape lighting, give us a call. We’ll help you create the backyard of your dreams. Contact us today at (913) 375-0070 if you need help adding exterior electrical outlets or outdoor lighting to your backyard design.