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Secure Your Home with Safety Lighting

Electrical Tips

One of the most effective ways to keep burglars away is through safety lighting indoors and outside. Anyone looking for a house to rob will likely avoid one that has lights on at various times or an outdoor motion detector light that turns on automatically when it detects movement close to the house after dark. The team at Jeremy Electrical has come up with four easy ways to make your Kansas City home more secure with lighting.

Indoor Light Timers Are Great for When You’re Away

Table Lamp PhotoIf you are going to be away from home for a few days, set a time on a prominent indoor lamp where the light can be seen after dark. Even if the lamp sits behind drapes, it will illuminate the home’s interior and let prowlers think someone may be inside. You can set timers on different lights within the house so that they come on at various times to make it look like people are using various rooms.

Every Home Should Have Porch and Patio Security Lights

Outdoor Porch Light PhotoA well-lit entry, whether front porch, backyard deck, or a patio area, will help to discourage anyone who is thinking of breaking in. Burglars won’t want to take a chance of being seen in the light by a neighbor or passing vehicle.

Flood Lights Let You See Who Is Outside

Home with Flood Lights PhotoFor larger outdoor areas like a sizable lawn or a barn or shed area, flood lights flash large light beams across broad areas to discourage thieves and juvenile delinquents who want to make mischief on your property. Left on in the dark, they extend into the far reaches of your lawn to prevent humans or animals from getting too close without being seen.

Motion Sensor Lights Work When You’re Not Home

Motion Sensor Light PhotoMotion sensor lights work well near the house or secured areas by turning on when motion is detected. Usually they do not come on for a small movement like that made by a rodent. Movement would need to be made by something the size of a medium dog, or bigger. The unexpected light beam can scare away predators both human and animal. It has the added benefit of seeming like someone inside turned it on even though it could be triggered when no one is home.

Don’t wait for something bad to happen before getting adequate lighting to protect your home. For more information about security lighting, call Jeremy Services at (913) 375-0070.