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Jeremy Electrical Helps You Charge Your Electric Vehicle Conveniently

Electrical Tips

Do you love technology? Are you always the first to get the latest gadget? If this sounds like you, and you already have an electric car, it’s time to install your in-home charging station with help from Jeremy Electrical.

EVSE Home Charger KCCharge Your Car While You Recharge

If you have an electric car it usually charges by way of an Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, or EVSE. But not all electric vehicles come with their own residential charging station, so now many drivers are installing their own for the sake of convenience. It takes a few hours to fully charge your electric car, so it can be a pain to sit at a community charging station for long periods of time. By installing one in your own garage you can conveniently charge your electric car at home while you eat a meal, sleep at night, or catch up on your favorite TV series.

Make Sure Your Service Panel Can Handle the Load

The reason we suggest having a seasoned electrician install your EVSE is so that nothing is overlooked. Before an EVSE is installed, you need to know how many amps it is, and how many amps your circuit breaker is rated for. A 30-amp EVSE (which is pretty common) requires a circuit breaker rated for at least 40 amps. If you don’t know these numbers before installing your ESVE, you risk overloading your circuit breaker and your charging station. A licensed electrician like Jeremy Electrical will make sure your EVSE is installed correctly and that your service panel can handle the load.

Go Portable

If your cars are your pride and joy, you may park your car far from any place it can get dinged or scratched (we get it). But that can be difficult when you want to charge your electric car from your garage wall. We’ve got you covered, though. We can install a portable charger in your garage. Rather than a hard-wire installation, we can install a special outlet in your wall where you can run a cord from your portable EVSE stand to your wall. This not only makes it easier and more convenient to charge your car no matter where it’s parked, but it’s easier to transport to a new location if you move.

Call Jeremy Electrical to get your EVSE set up and running so you can charge your electric car conveniently.  You can reach us at (913) 375-0070.