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How To Spend Your Energy More Wisely

Electrical Tips

save money with home energy audits by Jeremy Electrical in overland parkIs it time for a Household Energy Inspection?
If you spend a little time looking at how your family consumes electricity, chances are good that you can find ways to cut costs – or at the very least – make the very most of your existing electrical usage. Outdated outlets, wiring or circuit management may be costing you money every month.

The Household Energy Inspection

  • Make sure your appliances and heating and cooling systems are properly maintained. Check your owner’s manuals for the recommended maintenance
  • Study your family’s lighting needs and look for ways to use controls–like sensors, dimmers, or timers–to reduce lighting use
  • Do you heat or cool your home with electricity? Make sure you check for air leaks in the attic, at windows, at outlets and everywhere there’s a connection with the outside
  • Call Jeremy Electrical for a whole-house energy evaluation – we might be able to help you save money while we make your household electrical solutions more efficient for your family

Know the 5 Ways to Manage Small Business Energy Costs
For small businesses, reducing energy costs can make a significant dent in monthly bills — especially as the price is rising on gas, electricity, water, and other energy resources. Whether through simple changes or larger-scale investments, every business operation can do something to save energy. Cutting back on energy use will improve your bottom line and help the environment, and your greening efforts likely won’t go unnoticed by customers.

  1. UPDATE, AUTOMATE OR INSTALL ENERGY-EFFICIENT appliances, light bulbs, outlets, skylights and anything else that’s undergone improvements in energy efficiency. Replace outside lighting at night with motion-sensor activation. Use a programmable thermostat. Take control. You’ll be surprised at how much you can save with simple replacements.
  2. ENLIST THE AID OF YOUR EMPLOYEES because a little more consciousness on their part can make sure you don’t over-use energy. Turn off the lights, close doors to areas that aren’t occupied 24/7. See what works for your small business.
  3. GO GREEN when you remodel or move. There are many lower energy alternatives in building materials today – like solar panels or low-energy lighting plans.
  4.  USE TECHNOLOGY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE when purchasing equipment or creating new ways of working. How about a web cam for meetings or tele-commuting for part-time employees? Again, you’ll be surprised at the savings that come from re-thinking some simple professional activities
  5. CALL JEREMY ELECTRICAL FOR A PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ENERGY AUDIT. We can go through your facility, your processes and your existing equipment and tell you what’s working for you and what isn’t – in terms of energy efficiency. Then, together, we can make a plan to get you on the road to savings. That will be good news to your bottom line and for the future of your going concern.