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FAQ: Do I Need to Rewire My Older Home?

Electrical Tips

We get many frequently asked questions about our electrical services and how they can help keep your home safer. One we get a lot is, “Do I need to rewire my older home?” Our electric experts give the scoop on how to handle wiring problems in older homes.

Your Service Panel Is Important Too

While good wiring is important to keep your home’s electrical appliances working safely, it’s equally important to make sure your service panel is up to date. Many older homes built in the 60’s and 70’s have good wiring, but are in need of a new service panel. An outdated service panel or fuse box could cause your breaker to shutoff, or could even cause an electrical fire. If your home’s service panel is as old as your older home, your electrical needs have likely increased since then, which means you likely need an upgrade. The electricians at Jeremy Electrical can assess your electrical needs and test your current service panel to determine what course of action you should take.

Make Sure Your Home Has AFCIs

Our owner always says, “The age of the wiring is not as important as what is protecting your wiring.” That’s because unprotected wiring can lead to more serious problems, like electrical fires. To protect your home’s wiring, your home should have operating Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters. Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters, or AFCIs, are circuit breakers that are specifically designed to help prevent house fires. They decide which arcs are harmless and which are more serious, and disconnect power before a fire starts. An arc could be as simple as switching off a light, or as serious as poor wiring or a dog chewing on a cord. These are very important components of your home’s electrical wiring, but many older homes in Kansas City don’t have these installed. It’s important to call a trusted electrician to test your existing AFCIs or install new ones.

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