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5 Energy Saving Tips

Heating & Cooling Tips

This winter saving energy and lowering your utility bills can be easier than you think. Saving energy during the cold weather months doesn’t have to mean sitting around the house wearing mittens and a scarf. These five steps will help you enjoy the comfort of warmth inside your house and will save you a few bucks too!

using windows to help heat your home#1. Use Mother Nature’s Natural Heat

Open your blinds and curtains during the day to let the winter sunshine shine through your windows. The sunlight and glass will create a greenhouse effect and will naturally warm your home.


Window sealing for energy savings#2. Seal The Cracks

Check on your windows and doors. Cracks around your windows and doors are like escape hatches for heat. Invest in some caulk and new weatherstripping for savings on utility bills.


Saving money by unplugging appliances#3. Unplug Electronics

You may not realize it but even if your phone, television, and your computer are turned off, they are still using energy if they are plugged in. At night and while you’re away from home, unplug any unused appliances and enjoy watching your electricity bill savings.



Installing a Smart Thermostat#4. Install A Smart Thermostat

End the battle over the thermostat. No longer wake in the morning feeling frustrated because you forgot to lower the thermostat! Using a programmable thermostat reduces your energy consumption by automatically adjusting to the times you and your family are away from home or sleeping.



LED lights for energy savings#5. LED Holiday Lighting

Energy consumption seriously increases over the holidays. With your lights on indoors and outdoors. Don’t let your festive spirit be deflated when your utility bills arrive, use LED lighting, they can be up to 75% more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs.


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