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3 Outdoor Lighting Upgrades to Consider

Electrical Tips

Lighting Upgrades for Your KC HomeWhile the official summer season is pretty much over, that doesn’t mean you’re done spending time outside. Take advantage of you property well into the night by installing outdoor lighting solutions. Jeremy Electrical explains three lighting upgrades you can make to your backyard with the help of a licensed electrician in the Kansas City area that will allow you to better enjoy it.

Gazebo Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to own a gazebo, or even a porch or patio, make sure you can enjoy it at all hours of the day by installing a beautiful lighting solution. Jeremy Electrical can install dimming perimeter lighting that can give you the perfect soft-lighting. This will provide you with just enough light to enjoy your outdoor area safely, but not so much light that it’s overpowering.

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Landscape Lighting

Upgrade your landscape lighting to accentuate the uniqueness of your property. Properly placed path lights and accent lights can create a beautiful scene for visitors as well as your own viewing. Path lights make it easy for guests and children to find their way to your home’s entrance. Accent lights draw attention to specific areas of your landscaping. Highlight a beautiful tree, an outdoor statue or fountain, or even a beloved architectural feature of your home. Not to mention, great landscape lighting adds to your home’s curb appeal.

Outdoor Receptacles

Make sure you add outdoor outlets and GFCI’s, or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters. These will allow you to plug in any electronics you want to bring into your yard, like an iPod player for music, and also provide an easy way to decorate your home with Christmas lights without having to run an extension cord into your home. Plus, it’s important to have GFCI outlets installed on your property to protect yourself and your home from danger. GFCI outlets have a safety feature that cuts off the electricity immediately when it senses an imbalance in the flow of electricity that could lead to shock or danger. Outdoor outlets are exposed to water which can easily lead to shock.

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