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Furnace Installation & Replacement Company in Prairie Village, KS

Furnaces keep us warm and toasty. In Prairie Village, we are committed to keeping furnaces in good condition whether that means a furnace service or a replacement. Whether our customers have an electrical furnace or a gas furnace, we are ready to give them the quality heating service they need.

Signs That Its Time To Replace Your Furnace

Higher heating bills are not just a sign that it’s cold outside. Sometimes they mean that a furnace is beginning to fail to heat effectively and that a replacement might be needed soon. Another sign pointing to the need for a furnace replacement is that within the last two years a homeowner has made a number of calls for heating service.

Carbon Monoxide Threat

A gas furnace that is not replaced may be endangering people because it may be a source of carbon monoxide poisoning. One indication of the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning is a furnace flame that is mostly yellow instead of blue. Other warning signs are a buildup of soot around the furnace, moisture on windows, walls and other cold surfaces and rusting on flues and pipe connections.

Furnaces that are failing cannot keep the air in homes moist and clean. Evidences of this are an increase in allergies in people living in the home, furniture cracking and dust in the home. A furnace that makes rattling, squeaking, popping and other strange sounds will probably soon stop heating well.

Furnace Life and Heating Install

Most furnaces last up to 20 years. We advise homeowners not to wait until an old furnace breaks down. They should shop early. And when it’s time for a furnace install, homeowners should choose a company with experience in installing furnaces. Improperly installed furnaces have a reduced life and do not perform at their best.

When Furnace Service Makes Sense

Homeowners in Prairie Village KS should consider how much they want to spend on repairing a furnace or an electrical furnace. Many companies that do furnace service and furnace replacement say that if the homeowner has to spend more than $500 for a repair, it is better for the homeowners’ wallets for to call for a furnace install.


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