Electrician, Air Conditioner and Furnace Service In Merriam, KS

Midwesterners know all too well how much of a toll extreme heat, cold, and humidity can take on vital home systems. A house’s circuitry, in particular, often takes a beating and requires regular maintenance to perform at peak efficiency. Whether you’re tuning older infrastructure or installing new components, it’s important to hire expert help for the job. For residents of Merriam, and beyond, Jeremy Electrical, Heating & Cooling can handle electrical, heating and cooling and even solar energy tasks with professionalism and the highest level of customer service. Call us for:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Electrical Repairs, Upgrades, & Installations
  • Furnace Repairs, Installations, & Tune-Ups
  • Solar Power Services

Electrical Services for Home or Business

When it comes to old homes that need a wiring inspection, it makes sense to have an expert on the job. Likewise, installing an outdoor lighting system or a new hot tub also requires the expertise of a seasoned electrician. Jeremy Electrical, Heating & Cooling can help out in either scenario regardless of complexity. We place a special emphasis on checking every little thing and ensuring that Merriam clients have electrical problems solved in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Top-Rated Heating and Cooling Services

Merriam homeowners, in particular, understand how important heating & cooling repairs can be when it comes to making summer heat and winter cold more manageable. That’s why we offer local furnace and AC repairs. We handle furnace inspections, air conditioner repairs, heating and cooling equipment replacements and new installs like few others can. From furnace issues to air conditioner SNAFUs, Jeremy Electrical, Heating & Cooling is the go-to outfit for all things heating and cooling.

Solar Energy Repair & Installation

Nowadays, more and more homeowners are leaning towards solar power when it comes to keeping their home energy costs relatively manageable. Merriam residents have come to know and respect Jeremy Electrical, Heating & Cooling for solar panel repair and installation. Many residents don’t have the knowledge required to put in comprehensive solar energy systems on their own. From residential auxiliary solar arrays to tune-ups and troubleshooting, we’re the people to talk to if you want solar solutions that last.

When You Need the Very Best

Your home’s energy systems are something that shouldn’t be dealt with by amateurs. It doesn’t matter if it’s furnace repair or maintenance, electrical work, solar installations, or safety inspections that you’re talking about. If you’re a Merriam resident who wants the best ROI on your installation or renovation spending, there’s just one smart move to make.

For all of your electrical and heating and cooling needs, call Jeremy at (913) 375-0070.