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When you need electrical or heating & cooling services in Overland Park, Jeremy Electrical is always available to help. Affordable, prompt and efficient, our friendly electricians and heating and cooling technicians guarantee outstanding results and great customer service for electrician services, furnace repair and AC Repair in Overland Park, KS. Call us for:

Overland Park Electricians24-Hour Overland Park Electricians for Your Electrical Emergency Needs

With our on-call 24/7 electrician services in the Overland Park area, you can always count on our assistance in an emergency. Our electrical services cater to both residential and commercial buildings. In addition to troubleshooting electrical problems, we specialize in home and commercial safety inspections that abide by up-to-date building codes. Numerous older Overland Park, KS homes will benefit from electrical panel upgrades and the replacement and installation of outlets and switches by one of our talented electricians. We even offer Jacuzzi, hot tub and complete home wiring, indoor and outdoor lighting services, and the installation of ceiling fans. We can help your business with remodeling schematics and installation needs.

Johnson County’s Heating & Cooling Pros

AC Repair Overland Park, KS

There’s never a convenient time to feel too hot or cold. You can count on us whenever you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioner or furnace. We provide not only the installation, maintenance, replacement and repair of your air conditioner and furnace, but also air quality services for humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV light systems and air cleaning systems. Our expert technicians will advise you on choosing the right air conditioner and furnace to maximize your savings and find the right fit for your Johnson County, KS home. We always keep your budget in mind.

Solar Panel Solutions for Overland Park, KS

We pride ourselves on providing solar energy solutions. If you’re interested in an innovative way to use energy, and you would like to save maintenance fees over the long-run, receive tax subsidies, and reduce your carbon footprint, we can install solar panels that rely on the sun’s energy to generate electricity. This is a great investment for environmentally-friendly companies in Overland Park, Kansas and anyone who desires an alternative, green energy source.

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