How to Label Your Electrical Panel in Ten Minutes

Label Electrical PanelIf you’re a homeowner, there are some basic things you need to know about your electrical panel. It’s usually located in a corner of the basement or garage. It goes by many different names including “fuse box,” “fuse panel,” and “circuit breaker panel“, but they all refer to the same piece of equipment. Today, we typically call it the electrical service panel, or simply, the service panel.

Note: If your home still has an actual fuse box with fuses that screw or pull in/out, call us for an upgrade. Homes built between 1950 and 1965 typically have these 60-amp fuse boxes and they should be updated for safety.

Unmarked Electrical Panels Make Repairs a Hassle

So you have a little electrical problem in your house – let’s say you’re the handy type and you’re replacing a faulty outlet in the bedroom. The first thing you do is go to the basement or garage to find the electric service panel to shut off the power to that room. What you find is an unmarked breaker box. Great, now you either have to shut off the main power (which leaves you with no power at all to the entire house) or figure out which breaker coordinates with the bedroom you need to turn off.

If it’s nighttime, forget it, because you will have no light to work with unless you want to hold a flashlight in one hand while you try to work. If it’s daytime, you’ll have to have another person stand in that room and yell out when the lights go off as you flip breaker after breaker to find the correct one. (Spouses love to do this…not). Or, if you don’t have someone else at home, you can get your cardio in by flipping each breaker and running back upstairs to check yourself. Good times.

Print This Sheet to Quickly Label Your Electrical Panel

The point is, it’s a lot of hassle that can be avoided by simply labeling your electrical panel once.

It’s super easy and once it’s done, you never have to wonder which breaker controls which rooms/appliances again!

At Jeremy Electrical, being an established and experienced Kansas City electrician service, we find that most homeowners’ breaker boxes are not labeled. That’s why we created these easy to use electrical panel stickers that make it fast and easy to label it. Simply print them out on sticky label paper, then peel and stick as you identify each breaker. Print out several and share them with family members, neighbors, and friends. Be smart and be safe and label your electrical panel today.

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