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It’s Late in the Season, Do I Really Need a Furnace Tune-Up?

Heating & Cooling Tips

furnace-tune-up-late-seasonYou hear heating and cooling companies preach it at the start of every season, “A tune up for your equipment is a must!”  The question is, is it still worth it to have a furnace tune-up later the season? The short answer is yes, but the crew at Jeremy Services breaks down the reasons why.

Keep Your Furnace Working Efficiently

Here’s the thing, in the Kansas City area, we know that winter can drag on through March. We have our days where it looks like spring is right around the corner, only to be greeted by Jack Frost the next day. Tuning up your furnace now will keep things running efficiently through every last cold day. In the months that it has been running, your furnace has collected dust and debris. This wouldn’t be an issue if your system had already had a tune up. However, since it hasn’t, that dust and debris is just adding to the pile from the year prior. Think about it; no one wants their furnace to break down on the last snow storm of the season!

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Furnace Tune-Ups Are Good For Your AC Too

The best part about a late-season furnace tune-up is that it’s a really great way to get your system ready for air conditioning season ahead of us. When it comes to your home’s furnace and air conditioner, there are a lot of shared parts – ductwork, air filters, furnace blower and condensing unit. A tune-up will take care of each of these parts as well as many more!

Are you in need of a late-season furnace tune-up? Give the pros at Jeremy Services a call today, (913) 375-0070.