Top-Rated Air Conditioner Replacement & Installation in Overland Park, KS

AC Installation in Overland Park, KSThe summers in Overland Park can be brutal. That is why air conditioning is a necessity. If your air conditioner has broken down, and you are in need of a new air conditioner installation, call Jeremy Services. Our company will take the time to make sure that your air conditioning unit is installed properly. Proper AC installation is one of the keys to making sure that your system runs efficiently and has a long lifespan. You want to get the most out of your new air conditioner replacement, so trust the professionals at Jeremy Services.

Free In-Home Consultation in Overland Park

Before we do any work, we will provide you with an in-home consultation for no charge. We will ask about how your system is working and whether you have any cold or hot spots in your home. We will check your ductwork for leaks to make sure your new system runs efficiently. Our thorough inspection allows us to deliver the best service possible. We want you to be happy with your new air conditioning unit for the years to come.

Air Conditioner Installation with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

One of the reasons that people in Overland Park choose us is because our technicians are highly qualified. They have undergone the necessary training and have had many years of experience performing AC installation. This is why we are able to offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with our heating and cooling services.

Helping Customers in Overland Park Save Money on A/C Replacement

Most people are concerned about the cost of an AC replacement. However, we can install your new air conditioning unit for a price that you can afford. In order to make it easier for people to pay for their new air conditioner, we offer financing. We will be happy to tell you about the different financing options available. Keep in mind that you can save money by getting a new AC unit. New AC units use less energy than older ones. That is why most people notice that their electric bill is a lot lower after they get a new air conditioner.

If you need an air conditioner installed or your old A/C unit replaced in Overland Park, call Jeremy Services at (913) 375-0070!